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Why Behan jiu jitsu?

"The answer for me is to ensure that every day I walk onto the mats and train that I get to challenge myself. To commit to something and make it work. To realise my weakness, and my strengths and to work on them regularly.


To ensure that those around me get to test themselves physically and mentally. In an environment that encourages growth, that supports trial and error. That supports people to achieve their goals no matter how small or ambitious they are.


Jiu Jitsu has made significant changes in my life. In how I deal with every day situations and challenges, helped me feel more grounded and in control.


In the end it's because when people step on my mats, we all unite and align to the same path. We are all on the same path to better ourselves!"


Justin Behan,

Behan Jiu Jitsu - Stronger Together.

Our team

Justin behan

Behan JJ_edited.jpg

Head BJJ Coach

Justin has over 15 years of experience on the mats in Toowoomba. He started his journey in

2008 and received his black belt in 2020 after twelve years of continuous dedication to the art.

" My goal is to see everyone better themselves each day they step on those mats. Jiu Jitsu helps

equip you to lead a better life, to be able to take hold of situations that were previously uncomfortable.It transforms lives through constant pressure, failure and success. It allows you to challenge yourself, to grow, to push and test your capabilities, both mentally and physically."


Registered IBJJF Black belt (1st Degree)

Christy Blenkin

Head Kids BJJ Coach


Christy started training BJJ in 2003. She spent the next 8 years dedicating her time to training and competing nationally and overseas, including European championships and two world championships.


Christy also has spent time training in the UK and Sweden, sharpening her skills. She took a break in 2011 to start a family, and found BJJ again when her kids were old enough to train along side her. Christy now enjoys teaching kids classes and continuing her own growth on her jiu jitsu journey.


Registered IBJJF Brown Belt

Makayla Collins

Kids BJJ Coach


Makayla started BJJ in 2020 as a form of self defence. In this short time it has taught her commitment, resilience, composure, mateship, self confidence and strength (both physically and emotionally). As a professional carer and a parent Makayla believes focusing on children's strengths is key to learning.

"I'm a patient teacher, with great communication skills. I love working with children and understand the importance of learning through play."

Ricky Bumatay


Head Muay Thai Kids Coach

Ricky has been training in martial arts  since the age of 13, Studying Karate until 2002 where he changed disciplines to Muay Thai, and has been ever since. Ricky and Will have coached many successful fighters over the years under the well known Toowoomba gym Booma Thai since 2006.

Ricky now continues his passion of Muay Thai by teaching kids classes here at Behan Jiu Jitsu!


Head Muay Thai Coach


Will Bumatay has been practising Martial arts since the age of 15 starting off his training in Karate. 

At the age of 18 he started kickboxing in Toowoomba. Wills love of Muay Thai then took him to Japan

where he lived and trained Muay Thai Under Oguni Gym for 10 years . He then returned to Australia

and opened Booma Thai in 2006, training successful  fighters for over 10yrs.


Will has a deep passion for martial arts and enjoys passing on his wealth of striking knowledge here

at Behan Jiu Jitsu.

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